NGO media training

As a consultant, I have been engaged to facilitate NGO media training workshops tailored to civil society representatives who want to build capacity. These workshops focus on production, post production and viral marketing.

Through my work as a consultant with the Cyprus Community Media Centre (CCMC), I have worked on numerous projects with NGOs in the region. CCMC is partly funded by the UNDP and was established to hone the messages of civil society in an inclusive way with the aim to empower a media literate and active society. Check out some of my work with CCMC here


NGO media training typically follows a 1 day, 2 day or longer-form course which would be designed to include one or more of the following topics:

- Storytelling and idea development

- Viral Marketing

- Introduction to video production

- Production workflows and equipment techniques

- Post production concepts and workflows

- Basic editing techniques

- Intermediate editing, effects and grading

- Delivery & Web

- Archiving, backing up and post production maintenance

- Review, criticism and development


CCMC prides itself on the diversity of it’s members and the society in which it is active. I have facilitated workshops comprised of school children, university students, activists, professors, professionals, volunteers and industry colleagues with a diverse range of backgrounds and beliefs.


Facilitated by CCMC but working directly with NGOs, I have been involved in numerous video projects. These projects span a number of weeks and include conceptualising, production, post production and delivery in either an active crew role (editor, camera) or in an advisory role.