Clients & Testimonials

Clients & Testimonials

Einstein on Redbull
 I have worked with Simon on numerous projects over the past 9 years. He is a first class editor, highly motivated, solves problems like Einstein on Redbull and is a great resource to have on any project.

Matt Wilde – Creative Director, Navajo Media

Triple Threat
Simon is a triple threat — producer, shooter, editor — and you want him on your team. With his meticulous eye for detail, self-starter attitude and creative know-how, he takes each project he works on to another level!

Alan Kakoyiannis, Director, Sugarfoot Films

You Can Count On Him
Simon usually knows the results we want better than we do. We’re a global firm where everyone has an opinion – Simon is able to take them all into account before recommending the best course of action and the results speak for themselves. We work to the last minute on ridiculous deadlines and can always count on Simon to hit the mark.

Jaclynn Pearse – Marketing Manager, Monitor

Very Talented
Simon is an FCP and Motion pro. He is also a top shooter and is just a brilliant guy to work with. He is very talented in every respect and knows the game. He manned a live camera for EBU at Arafat’s funeral for 6 days, and can take care of news packages, corporate shoots, anything.
His edit skills are top notch. I’d suggest that you get him on your next shoot as soon as you can and see for yourself!

Shane McDonald – Partner, Crewhouse Media

Approachable and Knowledgeable Trainer
The Cyprus Community Media Centre aims to work with the best mediamakers – the cutting-edge creatives with great vision, dynamic skills, and the ability to make footage really come to life. We worked with Simon Hustings on numerous occasions, both as trainer, and editor and felt he was instrumental in making many of our productions look fantastic! He’s an approachable knowledgeable trainer with a wealth of tips and strategies to use. Whether teaching video editing, or viral marketing, Simon’s approach was fresh, interesting, accessible and showcased the latest in the industry. Highly recommended.

Beran Djemal – Cyprus Community Media Centre

A Global Perspective
The challenge that my company faced at that time was how to communicate the operation of our Laboratory Instrument that is sold all around the world to various persons from low skilled to PhD persons in All of the World’s major languages?
I was referred to Simon Hustings by some very highly skilled business persons in Cyprus.
Once we had a script outline agreed we turned it over to Simon Hustings to create the Product Video. This has been responsible for thousands of viewings and dozens of sales in the English speaking world.
Simon has successfully organized and produced the award winning BWB Product Video in German, French, Japanese, Russian, Vietnamese, Turkish, Spanish, Arabic and Mandarin.
I recommend Simon Hustings for anyone that has a global perspective and wants to appeal and show respect for persons who have English as a second or third etc. language.

Gary Bukamier – Founder, Owner and Managing Director of BWB Technologies